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The first thing I saw was white, like the birth of the sun; a light without heat, calming as though we deserved it.
For a moment the air stilled, my hands fell from my face, the warmth ushered in and silence reigned.
The air glowed like a crimson ember, a red scorn floating on the breeze. Red clouds bring desperation, the ground caved beneath my feet and all at once I broke.
A fragile cast of years of an anxious, sleepless and petrified, feeble, a weak existence.
In my minds eye, I watched the Earth open and remember the beckoning of the beasts to come and see.
I saw fire bursting from within me, I saw fire and it stayed with me
Lately, I’ve not been sleeping; Lately, it’s been too late.
I watched as they met above the city square, blinding white against a sky ablaze.
And in between stood a cold, black mirror. I saw the reflection and I tried, oh how I tried to move.
Lately, I’ve not been sleeping; Lately it’s been too late.


from I Have Seen Death, released January 27, 2017
Recorded by Mark Perry 2014
Mixed by Matt Cook and Mark Perry 2016
Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound Mastering, California 2016



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The Fevered Brisbane, Australia

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