I Have Seen Death

by The Fevered

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Recorded by Mark Perry.
Mixed by Mark Perry and Matt Cook at The Shed.
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering.
Artwork by Alex Gillies.


released January 27, 2017



all rights reserved


The Fevered Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: His Daughter
Wake up, wake upon day
A night spent at bedside, his daughter a mess. No sleep, this wasn’t new; her heartbeat for years felt irregular at best. Restless, a hell in her mind.
Frantically, I was trying to keep her at peace, a night spent in tears facing down at the floor.
Morning, with silence in tow. I can’t leave nor would I, had I known that Hell waited outside. Closing in fast, blowing in with the wind.
Shaken awake
Wake upon day, it’s okay, it’s not yours to control. Wake upon day.
I raised my hands to the sky, my eyes fell down to the shade cast by iron and sky.
Track Name: Epicentre
The first thing I saw was white, like the birth of the sun; a light without heat, calming as though we deserved it.
For a moment the air stilled, my hands fell from my face, the warmth ushered in and silence reigned.
The air glowed like a crimson ember, a red scorn floating on the breeze. Red clouds bring desperation, the ground caved beneath my feet and all at once I broke.
A fragile cast of years of an anxious, sleepless and petrified, feeble, a weak existence.
In my minds eye, I watched the Earth open and remember the beckoning of the beasts to come and see.
I saw fire bursting from within me, I saw fire and it stayed with me
Lately, I’ve not been sleeping; Lately, it’s been too late.
I watched as they met above the city square, blinding white against a sky ablaze.
And in between stood a cold, black mirror. I saw the reflection and I tried, oh how I tried to move.
Lately, I’ve not been sleeping; Lately it’s been too late.
Track Name: Pigs
I see it, I feel it every day I wake; the crushing weight of coming face to the faceless men.
Have you seen the face of God? Have you ever seen the eyes of a pig being lead to the slaughter?
I have. I have seen death, seen war, seen plagues. Made friends with fate and bowed out.
I offer no protest, seek no peace on the way down, on the way out. I have seen death.
Track Name: Hypocentre
Ground zero, where the sun fell to Earth and sand and dust now make the sky. We burned the back of each hand, the dust of us carried away.
As children of men turned to ash dug out places to rest, I dream of when fire kissed them once, and lead their souls safely away.
Left waiting, dropped to our knees the hand of war grasping our eyes; It’s grip pulsing in time with the drops on our heads.
There are eyes, stuck burning my mind, irises charcoal and death reflecting that colour on skin waving like flags in the wind.
I see them every day, in the black rain.
There are eyes stuck burning my mind, irises charcoal and flame reflecting the king on his throne daring us, begging us to move.
I see them every day, in the black rain
Track Name: Panic
Blinded. Deafened. Panicked. Broken.
Inside, there’s nobody home because outside, the world has come undone.
There’s no point in coming back to save me, I was lost to the wind.
Now I cant remember the last time that I breathed easily or could see the bright side, after sunrise.
While we define tragedy in terms of what is lost, and where that loss hits most, life is the systematic removal of everything that sustains it.
We are only alive to devise the end.
Track Name: Frantic
I thought the blood running through my veins was evidence of purpose. Ignorance is voluntary and we are fools dancing in a cycle of our own subconscious making, voluntarily giving in to the blood running through our veins.
Herein lies the fixed curve of being and the point at which It crosses paths with logic, neglecting the shallow gene pool from which we climbed, is the final signpost at the end.
What follows is the unrelenting, bright, white light of self annihilation.
Track Name: I Am Become Death

Now, I am become death, destroyer of worlds.
This is where it ends, this is how it ends.
The optimist thinks that this is the best possible of all worlds. The pessimist in me fears that I have made that true.
I argue this having now tasted success, having now become death.
Track Name: Roll Your Bones
Floating on the tide, bloated and sick, past the point of spoiling.
What despair means to the desperate, the weak and dying.
Roll your bones, strew them at the gates.
Board up the windows.
What fear means to the cowards; the flock in the field, watching for the wolves.
Drag the bodies, and pile them high. Hang the bodies, make sure everyone can see.
Track Name: The Hammer
Yesterday, I watched the corpse of innocence burn while the demolition sparks just rain.
Every sentence a roadblock, in the way. Yesterday, hope lost the world
While we were out catching hallucinations, they brought their friends to town, swinging judgment from the hip, levelled at us.
Breathe deep, close your eyes and let go. Welcome back to '84. Social liberty, a state owned premise. No questions, just trust us.
Set fire to the comforts you cling to, take back your right to live free, manifest dissention, become the hammer, smash it!

Yesterday, I fell into company with liberty, in knowing that our worst fears have come true.
No longer worrying, no longer the mule, kicking at nothing,
No longer fearing the sickening feeling of something always going wrong
This isn’t living.