by The Fevered

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released October 26, 2012

Recorded by The Fevered @ Empire Studios (Moorooka, QLD)
Mixed by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege (Portland, OR)
Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound Mastering (Santa Cruz, CA)



all rights reserved


The Fevered Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Five Points District
Three times and the hammer falls and she won't see any more.
It's a conflict internal and it rages, on and on.
For the first time since the war, she woke up to a blackened sky
Looked around, and cried aloud, "where am I?"
The veterans stood and watched, breaking silence only once;
"Brace yourself, this will hurt"
She laid a path down to the shore, and dug her heels in as she watched
The rest of them sail away on sinking ships.
With eyes lowered, and knees trembling the breaking labour of self assurance
Took its hold
Eight years to the day, no less difficult.
Hand over heart, mind over matter
Would get her through, was the motivating force
But for those five words
Five words repeating, forever on
And thinking, it would be this way
Then she knew.
"Brace yourself, this will hurt."
Track Name: Consequence
This world is violence, I want more.
Born and raised on high lines, stripped of all that makes us search for
And thirst for.
Always with the mindless fevered four,
It's what we share in common that's pushing me to find more
See it, know it, black it out
For want of forever crashing down.

The only thing to fear, is not enough fear of consequence, of falling short, of not making it out.
Track Name: Aurora
Aurora man made, a pillar in the sky.
Lapsed judgement, just a question of
time out, blackout, a picture of violence and war
Concrete and bones, half collapsed to the floor

Now we dance with ghosts, that vanished in my eyes
And visit in the night, every night.

I visit the broken homes
Their walls binding vacant rooms
Shadows fallen over, was once the peak of power, now a tomb

Now we dance with ghosts, that vanished in my eyes
And visit in the night, every night.
Track Name: Mediate
So if we breathe in deep, bleed out slow.
Feel it shift over thought, cycling deep inside.
Size over meaning, heat overthrow.
Dead in the heart or from the neck up.
Blind in the mind's eye, seeing for what it's not.

Resist, unlearn, rewire, start again.
Resist what you know.
Unlearn what you're shown.
Rewire how it works.
Start again for what it's worth
Track Name: When It Comes
When it comes around, it takes and it leaves.
Battles fought one handed, like sleeping with one eye open.
Like carving a name, and tying a rope,
Like hatching a plan, and following through.

In our grandfather's failings we sit on thrones of cold
Mired by none, and outcast from ourselves.

Make a choice, and make it quick.

If we freeze it, just like it was...

It's not knowing, that's killing me.
Track Name: Sleep, Warm As Day
Ravenous intention, spawned from hate
Malicious, justified in its own mind.

The path to fulfillment paved with ignorance, and pain.
Images of dinner plates, candles held to curtains, and sleep...

Warm as day.
And sleep, warm as day.

No lock to keep it out,
No cage to hide away,
The tide of time, rolling in to take us away.

Fewer the burdens, or broaden the shoulders, and know
Pain for pain, running away.

Fewer the burdens, or broaden the shoulders.
And know...

Pain for pain, running away,
Pain for pain, hiding away.
Pain for pain, running away,
Take us away.